Fourteen Outs Example

   Pocket Cards                                                   Community Cards
King of Diamonds Queen of Clubs                                         Ten of Hearts Three of Diamonds Jack of Spades
"Outside Straight Draw with Two Overcards"

You have an outside straight draw and two overcards. If you wanted to improve to a straight or at least pair one of your overcards, you have fourteen outs to do that. The four remaining Aces or four remaining Nines will make your straight. The three remaining Kings or the three remaining Queens will pair one of your pocket cards. Chance of any of those cards showing up on the turn is 29.787%. On the turn and river combined the chance is slightly better than a coin flip at 51.156%. If it doesn't come on the turn though, your chance to spike one of the fourteen outs on the river is 30.435%.

   Pocket Cards                                                   Community Cards
Jack of Spades Jack of Hearts                                         Nine of Hearts Eight of Hearts Seven of Hearts
"Improving an Gutshot Straight Flush Draw with an Overpair to a Set or Better"

You have an overpair with an gutshot straight draw, a flush draw, and an gutshot straight flush draw. If you want to make at least three-of-a-kind or better, you have fourteen outs. The Ten of Hearts will make your straight flush, the other eight Hearts will make a flush, the other three Tens will make your straight, and the remaining two Jacks will give you a set. Chances of that happening are the same as the above example.

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