Sixteen Outs Example

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"Improving a Set with an Outside Straight Flush Draw to a Straight or Better without a Board Pair"

This example is only for the turn. You have a set with an outside straight flush draw. If there are a lot of players, you really wouldn't want the board to pair, so you look at it as having sixteen outs. The last Six will make you four-of-a-kind, the Four of Hearts and the Nine of Hearts will give you a straight flush, the remaining seven Hearts will make a flush, the three non-heart Fours and three non-heart Nines will make you a straight (and hopefully split the pot). Chance of that happening on the river is 34.783%. Okay, this example is a long-shot in reality, you would probably never calculate in the chances for a flush or straight. But it's rare to have sixteen outs and we had to put something here for an example!

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