Seventeen Outs Example

   Pocket Cards                                                   Community Cards
Seven of Hearts Seven of Clubs                                         Four of Clubs Six of Clubs Five of Clubs
"Improving Outside Straight Flush Draw with an Overpair to a Set or Better"

An overpair with an outside straight flush draw is pretty nice. Even assuming that they have a higher overpair (and not reducing to number of unknown cards by assuming), you still have seventeen outs to improve. The Eight of Clubs or the Three of Clubs will make you a straight flush. The other seven Clubs will make a flush. The other three non-club Eights will make a straight, as will the other three non-club Threes. Finally, there are two more Sevens left in the deck that will make you a set. The percentage chance of hitting any of those seventeen cards on the turn is 36.170%. On the turn and river combined, it's more like 59.759%. If you somehow miss one of your outs on the turn, you still have a 36.957% chance of hitting it on the river alone.

   Pocket Cards                                                   Community Cards
Ace of Spades Seven of Diamonds                                         Eight of Diamonds Nine of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds
"Outside Straight Flush Draw with an Overcard"

You got the outside straight flush draw, AND as a little added insurance another Ace will improve your hand too. You've got seventeen outs here. The nine diamonds remaining in the deck will make you a flush or straight flush, the other three Jacks and the other three Sixes will give you a straight. Plus there are two remaining Aces that will give you a pair (we already counted the Ace of Diamonds in our flush chances). Chances are the same as above. (Note: Swap the suits between your two pocket cards and you get an extra out, take a look at the Eighteen Outs Example, second example)

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