Eighteen Outs Example

   Pocket Cards                                                   Community Cards
Ace of Hearts King of Hearts                                         Jack of Hearts Ten of Hearts Six of Diamonds
"Gutshot Straight Flush with Two Overcards"

You can make a flush, straight, or straight flush and you have two overcards. Tons of outs. You've got the Queen of Hearts to make the royal, the other remaining eight hearts to make the nut flush, the other three remaining Queens to make a straight, the remaining three Aces or three Kings to make a pair. 1+8+3+3+3 = 18 outs. The chance of that happening on the turn is 38.298%. On the turn and river combined, it is 62.442%. If a rag comes on the turn, you still have a 39.130% chance of hitting it on the river alone.

   Pocket Cards                                                   Community Cards
Ace of Diamonds Seven of Spades                                         Eight of Diamonds Nine of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds
"Straight or Flush Draw with an Overcard"

Sort of the same as the second example in the Seventeen Outs Example, but with the pocket cards' suits switched. We got an extra out because there are now three Aces that will improve our hand, as well as nine diamonds for a flush, three non-diamond Jacks or three non-diamond Sixes for a straight. Unlike that example though, we don't have a straight flush draw. The chances to improve this hand to a pair of Aces or better is the same as the chances in the example above.

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