Twenty Outs Example

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Six of Clubs Seven of Clubs                                         Five of Clubs Six of Diamonds Four of Clubs
"Improving a Pair with an Outside Flush Draw to Two Pair or Better"

Tons of outs here. You have all remaining nine clubs to make a flush or straight flush, the three non-spade Threes and three non-spade Eights to make a straight, the two Sixes left in the deck to make trips, and the three Sevens remaining to make two pair. You could potentially get two pair other ways, but we don't want the board to pair because that helps everyone. The Seven pairing just helps you. So 9+3+3+2+3 = 20! The chance of that happening on the turn is 42.553%. If it doesn't happen on the turn, you still have a 43.478% chance to get it on just the river. On the flop for the remainder of the hand overall, you've got a 67.530% chance of hitting one of those twenty outs!

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