Twenty-Two Outs Example

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Ace of Spades Ace of Clubs             Jack of Spades Queen of Spades Ace of Diamonds             King of Spades
"Gutshot Straight Flush Draw with a Set"

This example is for the turn only. You've got the Ace of Hearts to make you quads, the Ten of Spades to give you a royal straight flush, the other three Tens to make the nut straight, the other eight Spades (eight because we already counted the Ten of Spades) to make the nut flush, PLUS any of the remaining three Jacks, three Queens, or three Kings will give us the best possible full house. 1+1+3+8+3+3+3 = 22 outs! The chance of one of those cards coming on the river is 47.826%! Your remaining outs are 22 out of 46 cards left in the deck, so it's pretty much a coin flip. This is the example with the highest number of outs for a reason. As you can see, the examples have become more and more extreme as the number of outs goes up. Sure, maybe we could give the same example as above, but for an outside straight flush with 25 outs, but I think you realize that you have a good hand and should be betting. There's no point in explaining how far over 50% your chances are. They are all pretty much a coin flip with that many outs.

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