Poker Odds Calculators

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Poker Odds Calculators
Compare the percents to win or tie between as many as eleven players. You set the players' cards and can add a flop, turn, river, or any number of dead cards. We have poker calculators for the following games:

PreFlop Odds Calculator
Tells you all about a what a given hand can expect on the flop. Also gives hand nicknames and additional information.

Odds Chart
A standard outs chart for the turn, river, or turn/river except you set how the odds are displayed. Also includes links to examples of holdem hands using outs.

Payout Chop Calculator
A calculator for determining proportionally split tournament payouts.

Pot Odds Calculator
This pot odds calculator shows the chances of making a hand and calculates the minimum pot size for a call to make sense. Includes "Outs Example" links.

Heads Up Calculator
This heads up calculator calculates your chances against one other hand in texas holdem through the river.

Bet Analyst
Somewhat the reverse of the pot odds calculator, this shows the minimum amount you should bet to make it unprofitable to draw against you. Includes "Outs Example" links.

Odds Converter
Converts probabilities between percent, 1 in X, mathematical probability, and X to 1 formats.

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