Pacific Poker $8 No Deposit Bonus

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Note Added 2-16: This promotion is over. They are doing a newer promotion, 88 Ways to the WSOP which you can check out though.

Whenever a poker player sees "$100 Free!" in an online poker room ad the modern day tendency is to ignore it. This is because 99% of the time the money isn't really free. Players typically have to deposit a certain amount to get their matching "free" bonus.

Sometimes though, an online room just gives away money with no deposit requirement. That's what Pacific Poker is doing from the 28th of January, 2010 until 50,000 players have claimed the bonus. We hear that this should take around two weeks, but since it's on a first-come, first-served basis it could end sooner.

Some of you may remember 8-10 years ago when this type of bonus was common, but because of abuse, it gradually was phased out. It is rare to see one of these "old school" bonuses back in action, so we suggest sharing this promotion with your friends.

Download Now

Players that want the free $8 must download from unique links and download buttons like the one above to play on Pacific's new bankroll management client. This interface is being used as a way to encourage players to actually play, instead of treating it like play money. It will only let players participate in cash games where the player has 400x the big blind and in tournaments where the player has 10x the entry cost. That way, players don't play a single $8 SnG like it's a free game.

Consequently, we think it's a great time to be playing over there. Some players will be playing like it's a play money game. There are a few free money game tactics that we've suggested that give a serious edge on those ridiculous games. Also playing micro stakes with $8 is an excellent exercise in bankroll management. So we encourage you to go grab some free cash and then exploit players who aren't taking it very seriously.

The bankroll managed client is upgraded...

  • If a player makes a real money deposit
  • If a player clears the bonus (wagering 20x the bonus amount)
  • After this promotional event ends (around February 10th)

In the meantime, players can always play the $.03/$.06 micro stakes games or the $1 tournaments, no matter what their current bankroll.

Exempt Countries

America, Argentina, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Brazil, China, Columbia, Croatia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, North Korea, South Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Vietnam.

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