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This pot odds calculator shows the chances of making a hand, and calculates the minimum pot size for a call to make sense. Click any of the outs listed to get an example based on that specific number of outs. The chances may be displayed in percentage, probability, 1 in X, or X to 1 format (if that doesn't make sense, go to our odds explained page). Since these odds are based on outs, it merely describes your chance for a card or cards to turn up based on the number of desired cards left and the number of cards left in the deck (47 or 46 for the turn and river). Most of the examples describe situations where you are not a lock to win, but explain the reasoning why that many outs is being assumed.

Rememeber, without a full understanding of Implied Odds these pot odds are meaningless. Also, keep in mind that the minimum pot size is the break even pot size, thus if you play with these pots odds exactly, you should eventually break even. Also, the pot sizes in the chart include the incoming bet, but not your call, however, your call is included in the calculations.

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Outs ExamplesOn the flop
for the turn
Minimum Pot Size to Call or Raise on the FlopOn the turn
for the river
Minimum Pot Size to Call or Raise on the Turn
1 Out2.13%0.002.17%0.00
2 Outs4.26%0.004.35%0.00
3 Outs6.38%0.006.52%0.00
4 Outs8.51%0.008.70%0.00
5 Outs10.64%0.0010.87%0.00
6 Outs12.77%0.0013.04%0.00
7 Outs14.89%0.0015.22%0.00
8 Outs17.02%0.0017.39%0.00
9 Outs19.15%0.0019.57%0.00
10 Outs21.28%0.0021.74%0.00
11 Outs23.40%0.0023.91%0.00
12 Outs25.53%0.0026.09%0.00
13 Outs27.66%0.0028.26%0.00
14 Outs29.79%0.0030.43%0.00
15 Outs31.91%0.0032.61%0.00
16 Outs34.04%0.0034.78%0.00
17 Outs36.17%0.0036.96%0.00
18 Outs38.30%0.0039.13%0.00
19 Outs40.43%0.0041.30%0.00
20 Outs42.55%0.0043.48%0.00
21 Outs44.68%0.0045.65%0.00
22 Outs46.81%0.0047.83%0.00

For pre-flop odds, go to our pre-flop odds calculator. We also have a wallpaper version of this chart for your convenience.

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