Rank of Suits

In holdem there is no rank of suits. The only time that a rank of suits will affect a holdem player is when players draw for seats or during a chip race. It is used in some other poker games, mostly in games where tied hands and split pots would lead to complicated results. When using the rank of suits, the actual rank of the card (Ace, Seven, Queen, etc.) is still the main factor. It is only in cases where two cards have the same rank when the suits are compared.

The rank of suits is, from highest to lowest:

1. Spade Spade
2. Heart Heart
3. SpacerDiamond Diamond
4. Club Club

There are two ways to remember the rank of suits. The easiest way is that they are in reverse-alphabetical order. The first alphabetically is the worst suit, the Club. The last alphabetically is the best, the Spade.

The other way requires a little knowledge of the what those suits originally represented...

Spade Spades represented the nobility
Heart Hearts represented the clergy
SpacerDiamond Diamonds represented the merchant class
Club Clubs represented the working class

In an early French class system, you can see why the organization of the rank of suits was set this way. Note that Spades were originally not meant to mean the tool. It is a derivation of the Spanish word "espada" which means "sword".

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