Texas Holdem Rules

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Unfortunately, there is no universal set of rules for texas hold em poker. If you just want to know how the game works, check out our Beginner's Intro. Many individual rules are standard but a sea of nebulous calls still need to be made. In our opinion, the most reliable source for rules questions is and will always be the rules provided by the Tournament Directors Association. The TDA is a group that meets exclusively to expand and update the rules for poker. Here's a verbatim copy of what they presented to every player in the 2004 World Series of Poker:
World Series of Poker TDA Rules

Another wonderful source is Robert's Rules of Poker. Robert is actually Bob Ciaffone, a columnist for CardPlayer, and an all-around powerful games player. He has devoted his knowledge and expertise to create one of the most thorough sets of poker rules in existence. Mr. Ciaffone has our gratitude for this great tool and also for allowing it to be reproduced by others (like us!) for the betterment of poker.
Robert's Rules of Poker
Robert's Rules of Poker (Print-friendly version)

Of course, this list won't cover every possible scenario when it comes to holdem. The TDA and Robert's Rules are meant to cover a variety of poker games, from razz to stud. We here at TexasHoldem-Poker.com are attempting to create a rules set specifically for texas hold'em. Here's what we've come up with so far:
TexasHoldem-Poker.com's "Official" Texas Hold 'Em Rules

If you came here to define a set of rules for your own holdem game, feel free to print out that page. Here's a printer-friendly version. Please check over it and make your own revisions. A lot of the language in these rules include phrases like "may incur a penalty" or "at the discretion of the director". Make sure it is clear what actually happens in those scenarios BEFORE the game starts.

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