Current Promotions with SunPoker

SunPoker has some very nice incentives for new players to try their poker room online. We've taken a look at their deposit bonuses, VIP rewards program, and new player tournaments.

The SunPoker VIP Poker Club

They have a progressive player rewards system that offers cash back on rake as well as tournament fees. Players earn points as they contribute to raked hands in cash games as well as from tournament entries. What's nice is that players don't have to sign up. New players are automatically enrolled once they've played their first cash game.

What makes the program different from others is its particular tiered structure. As players acquire points they move up the VIP categories from "Mars", to "Earth", "Venus", "Mercury", and finally to "Sun" at the highest level. Each level increases the rate at which you acquire VIP points, so active players can get much larger breaks on rake and tournament fees.

The highest level awards 450 points per $1 in tournament entry fees. Since 1000 points is worth $1 at that level, that's 45% off every tournament entry fee. That's a pretty serious discount, especially for a frequent tournament player.

Deposit Bonuses

SunPoker is offering to match a player's first deposit 100%, up to $500. The bonus is released $5 at a time for every 5000 VIP club Sun Points that the player earns. This bonus is in addition to the normal $5 that players earn for every 5000 points they acquire, so new players can double their cash back. The bonus period lasts for 90 days from the date of the deposit so it's important to keep playing hands and not sit on the extra money.

When depositing, use the coupon code THPBONUS to be eligible for this bonus or visit SunPoker's $500 bonus section for more information.

VIP Club Tournaments

Every month SunPoker holds four $2500 VIP tournaments. The entry fee is $1 or 1000 VIP points. Eligibility is determined by the player's VIP status and there is one tourny for each VIP level above the basic "Mars" level.

For one of these, players normally need to be at level two ("Earth") to play, but the secret is that current new depositors have that requirement waived. So this can be a great value, as the level requirements and cash entry fee keep the free money players at bay.

So if you are thinking about depositing at SunPoker here's the quick list...
  • Put in the code THPBONUS when depositing
  • First thing, play one cash game hand to get in their rewards program
  • Take advantage of that normally-exclusive monthly $1 tournament

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